Why Eonian Tec

Large Scale Lead Generation

We help advertisers and brands attract new clients throughout the world.

We launch campaigns in 37 countries

Involved in several countries on all five continents, we are positioned on an international market to reach your clients and prospects. In a global world like ours it’s important to us to be able to offer a quality service by adapting to your specific needs.


Highly effective, our tracking system lets you constantly check and optimize your program. We guarantee the best possible ROI. In addition, we have a systematic quality control approach, an essential element in limiting the risk of fraud.

Our expertise : Digital Marketing

Since 2011 we’ve managed digital marketing projects by ensuring that your value creation objectives are met.

Creation of dynamic emails

We put all of our energy into the creation of creative, efficient, and quality elements to let you obtain customer loyalty. Our emails are always personalized, responsive and inbox friendly to obtain a rate of opening and clicks complying with set goals.

Landing pages design

Creating an attractive graphic world, offering a unique digital experience are the motivations that make us set up audacious and efficient concepts. Our landing pages combine aesthetics and technology while respecting the identity of your brands, to let you communicate with your clients in a coherent way.

Direct Marketing Campaign Management

Through our in-house direct marketing email strategies, we help you develop a bond with your target audience, as well as maintain a close relationship. With our proprietary technology, we offer an intelligent and proactive content to comply with the need for information of the targeted audience when required.

Use of state-of-the-art technology

Guided by our need to innovate, we developed an efficient proprietary platform devoted to the establishment of the direct marketing strategies we implement.


With a team of over 25, there’s always a lively yet relaxed feeling during lunch … or rather at 2 p.m., “Spanish time”. Here at Eonian Tec, everyone eats when they feel like it.

Checkout included

As soon as an email is created, we can add a personalizable order slip to generate sales or registration. In addition, the platform can also manage currencies and payment gateways to provide an optimized purchasing experience.


Our platform reliably geolocalize any subscriber, in real time if necessary, enabling you to provide the most customized content.

A/B Testing

There may be several pertinent messages even though only one of them is best. This is why we rely on technology that allows for comparative tests to leave the client with the final word.

Our experts are at your side

We propose to support and assist you with the definition and design of your direct mail marketing strategy, based in our 4 years expertise in the online industry.

Continuous optimization and follow-up

In line with the constant optimization of our performance, our collaboration doesn’t stop with the establishment of our direct mail marketing strategies. In order to maximize your return on investment, we monitor your performance on a regular basis and optimize your strategy to ensure the best possible results.