Best practices

Definitely reach your audience

To help you, we have some basic rules that we follow to guarantee success.

Get close to clients by localizing your offers

By translating and adapting the contents of your offers to your target audience, you’ll obtain a better rate of commitment and increased loyalty. At Eonian Tec, we adapt to your target audience to get close to them. Other factors also have to be taken into account, such as the currency or the reading device. This is why we allow for perfect personalization of the content your clients will receive.

Effective design begins by being responsive, personalized and attractive

Today, you have to offer your readers the content perfectly adapted to the devices used to read it. This is why we propose attractive and personalized creations that respect the format(s) used by your clients to see your advertisements. “Responsive design” is the key to favor the opening of your emails on the computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Loyalty is all about optimizing segmentation

To favor the customer loyalty of your target audience, it’s primordial to optimize the segmentation of your mailings. At Eonian Tec, we fully understand this. That is why we propose a last generation segmentation tool to create behavior scenarios, letting us get even closer to your final clients. According to the strategy adopted, the behavior scenarios can help us predict the future actions of your members so that you can surprise and correspond with them in a proactive and diverting manner.

Pertinent statistics based on efficient monitoring

Our monitoring tool using cookie tracking lets us measure the effect of our management of your campaigns. With several clicks, you’ll obtain all the information required to validate the strategies in progress. You can export your results in excel, in order to personalize even more your statistics.

Focus on the distribution of our campaigns to optimize the long-term performance

Eonian Tec emphasizes the optimization of campaigns to maintain the highest performance in the industry. In fact, with our state-of-the-art platform and a great many A/B tests, we can distribute creative elements that convert even better. Our design department constantly renews our stock of creativities to update the design of our campaigns. All of these resources thereby let us distribute campaigns over a long-term basis and provide the best ROI.